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Ken LaDeroute

Music and meditation have always been a strong thread in Ken LaDéroute’s life. Born in Canada to a musical family, at 12 years old, he formed his first two bands: “The Young Masters”, and “Life and Power” Dissatisfied with religious dogma, he began studying Eastern spirituality and personal development. He read “Autobiography of Yogi,” and began to follow the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Ken LaDerouteAt 17, Ken made the big move to Toronto with $200, a suitcase, and his guitar. He auditioned for Axe recording group ” Rufus Road Machine” and in one week found himself on a nationwide tour that began a 14-year career, playing 6 nights a week, throughout Canada and the US.

A Life-Changing Meeting

In 1980, Ken met the woman that remains at the center of their spiritual union. Amy auditioned for a new band called “The Boss.” She astounded everyone with her heartfelt, soulful voice and got the job, and soon-to-be husband.

During this time, they released two well-received albums, The Oui Album (1983) which was about healing, body and spirit. And in 2002, Ken produced a CD called “Here” which reflects his love for the Divine and Amy.

In 1990, Ken and Amy settled in Western North Carolina. Burned out from the road, Ken needed time for silence and meditation. During this time, he became involved in many successful business ventures, teaching at a university, recording, and playing music.

Affirmation Muisc

Recently, Ken decided it was time to express his devotion to spirituality, and marry his love for meditation and affirmation music. This led him to create his current work: “Soul Affirmation,” Music for Better Outcomes.

His intention is to bring a greater understanding of how humans can attain their highest potential and achieve Self-realization, through the practice of meditation, affirmation music and inner reflection.

Ken resides in Asheville, NC where he coaches, teaches meditation, composes music, writes articles, and travels with Amy and his band.

Amy LaDeroute

Amy always knew she was a singer. At five years old, her mother would catch her using a drapery cord as a microphone, or find her outside singing in a mailbox for the reverb effect. She studied classical piano for six years and won a vocal scholarship to the Fred Waring School of Music in Pennsylvania.

Leaving HomeAmy LaDeroute

At 17, Amy decided to leave her comfortable mid-western faily and auditioned for a funk band out of Dayton, Ohio. She landed the job as lead vocalist and hit the road playing continually for 14 years throughout Canada and the US.

While watching the Tonight Show, she saw John Davidson talking about his dream of having a camp for aspiring young singers. Amy sent in a demo, and out of 9000 applicants, she was chosen to attend. She worked with John Davidson, Kenny Rogers, Shields and Yarnell, Lola Folana, Florence Henderson, and Pete Barbuti.

Soon after, she headed for New York City and joined Manhattan-based, jazz-fusion band, First Light. It was there she met and worked with famed jazz drummer, Chico Rouse. While singing in the band, she held down day jobs on Wall Street and auditioned for various Broadway theatre productions.

Turning Point

When Amy got the call to audition for a band from Canada, she was very excited. She flew to Niagara Falls and landed the lead vocalist spot in a new band called “The Boss.” It was there she met her husband Ken.

Soul Affirmation

Amy lives life by her heart. She loves dogs, plants, cooking and people. She exudes warmth, and a joy for living. She is the soul and voice of affirmation music, and through it, reveals her devotion to humanity. When you meet her, you will realize that this music is who she is.

Amy resides in Asheville, NC where she performs, records, does voice overs, practices meditation and yoga and travels with Ken and their band.