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How to Use Business as a Spiritual Path

Interview with Kristine Chandler Madera Kristine: … on that spiritual path to a six figure business but right now, we’re going to go on to today’s topic which is business as your spiritual journey. And we’re talking with coach Ken LaDeroute and so welcome Ken. Ken: Thank you Kristine. Thank you for the work you […]

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Ideal Client

How to Find Your Ideal Client & Coaching Niche by Giving Free Sessions

Are you struggling to find your ideal client or coaching niche? Are you looking for a creative way to help you target and attract your dream client? Then pay attention to this… When I first started my coaching business I coached everyone that walked through my door. I must have coached at least 60 people […]

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Just the sound of the word can send chills up your spine. Stripped-down. Uncovered. Nude. Are your hands starting to get sweaty? Can you feel your heartbeat quicken? Does the word naked make you squirm? I don’t know why it’s such a big deal, after all we were all born naked. Humans only started wearing […]

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