• Are you in a constant state of worry about your survival?
  • Maybe you’re worried that you won’t have enough money when you retire, or you won’t be able to afford health care, eat quality foods, or live in a safe, comfortable place.
  • Have you said, “I can’t afford it” so many times that you’ve unconsciously gotten so comfortable with your struggle that its turned into a “scarcity mindset” and you don’t know what to do about it?

Since 99% of what goes on in your mind and body is unconscious, those behind-the-scenes programs are responsible for most of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

If you want better finances – you’d better start changing your thinking.

How To Master Your Future Reality

Your body doesn’t know the difference between an experience in life and one that you fabricate by thought alone.

Both will produce chemicals in the brain that produce emotions.

If you can remind yourself every day for 30 days of who you’re going to be and what kind of experiences you will experience you’re literally installing new neurological programs that match your desired intentions for a new experience.

You are forcing your brain to think in new sequences and patterns.

When you create situations over and over again in your mind your body reacts chemically as if it’s already happened.

And if you repeat these emotions and associations of relaxation and pleasure long enough – they soon begin to create your future realities.

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Body To Feel Like a Millionaire!

Step 1 – How would your body feel if you had ten million dollars in the bank?

What would your posture look like? What would your facial expression be like? Can you emotionally tune in to who you would become? Imagine how grateful you’d be?

Step 2 – What would having ten million dollars in the bank look like?

bigstock woman dock 5705498 Guided Meditation for Financial Abundance

Imagine waking up in a luxurious million dollar condo overlooking the ocean. You feel the marble tile under your feet. You feel the coolness of the water as you swim in your private pool. You see yourself surrounded and imbued by luxury.

Step 3 – What would having ten million dollars in the bank taste like?

Maybe you’d be smoking a big fat cigar, eating fancy meals or drinking exquisite wines.

Step 4 – What would having ten million dollars in the bank smell like?

You might imagine the smell of expensive perfume or a bouquet of roses. Try and associate what the fragrance of luxury or wealth might be for you.

Step 5 – What would having ten million dollars in the bank sound like?

Maybe it sounds like an expensive sports car, or the sound of your powerful yacht as you approach your million-dollar condo.

The key is to create a vivid picture in your mind and to access the feeling before it happens.

Woman Meditation

Meditation: The Art of Inner Listening

There is more scientific proof coming out everyday proving what eastern cultures have known for centuries.

Meditation helps focus and clear your mind and allows you to un-stress from an ever-increasingly complex and technological world.

Studies show how meditation and mindfulness practice enhance your mental agility and attention by changing brain structure and function so that your brain processes information more efficiently and coherently.

Studies show, without a doubt, the practice of meditation will relax you, focus your mind and change your emotional and psychological nature. 

How Do You Change Your Old Ways of Thinking?

So what’s the best possible way of becoming aware of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotional reactions?

It turns out that just being aware of the unconscious programs that are running your life is the first step toward changing those mental habits and patterns.

Meditate, That’s How!

Train Your Brain With Cutting Edge Technology

Clarity Mind Meditations uses brain entrainment technology or binaural beats audio embedded into every Clarity Mind guided meditation track.

What Are Binaural beats?

Prussian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered the binaural beat effect in 1839.


Binaural beats are specially engineered sounds played back at slightly different frequencies and heard in different ears.

The slight difference in frequencies played through stereo headphones results in the brain perceiving a beating tone as if the two tones were mixed naturally in the brain.

The purpose of binaural beats is to train your brain to quickly get into the zone and experience deeper Theta states.

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to channel and organize certain brainwaves via auditory stimulation to allow for deeper meditations, reduced anxiety, increased creativity and better sleep.

What’s great about binaural beats is that you don’t need to know how they work in order to get all the benefits.

It’s As Easy As Pushing A Button

When you listen to Clarity Mind Guided Meditation audio on your computer or mp3 player, you can quickly enter and stay in a deep Theta level all in a matter of minutes and it’s as easy as pushing a button.

  1. Our brain entrainment technology embedded into every Best Binaural Beatstrack gives you deep, effortless, enjoyable meditation in minutes.
  2. The difference is in the voice. Listen to the soothing voice of a 30 year meditator and get expert practical guidance for better results in no time.
  3. Clarity Mind Meditations are designed for busy people with busy lives. Get guided deep focused meditations in 30 minutes.
  4. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of meditation without the need for expensive proprietary mantras or object phrases.
  5. Enjoy simple, effective guided meditations designed with better outcomes in mind that give you deep, effortless and enjoyable meditations.
  6. The quality and content of Clarity Mind Guided Meditations make it really easy to get into “The Zone.” You’ll feel calmer, more focused, less judgmental, and just plain happier.
  7. Clarity Mind audio plays on multiple file formats on your iPod, iPad or any other multimedia player.

 Your Guided Meditation for Financial Abundance DOWNLOADS

Imagine what it would be like to have a meditation master guide you through a meditation specifically designed to help you FEEL and EMBODY your financial abundance.

With this natural but powerful meditation, you’ll be re-programming your mind and body with positive visualizations designed with your financial abundance in mind.


  • The Guided Meditation for Financial Abundance audio Mp3 Encoded with Binaural Beat Brain Entrainment Technology
  • 4 Step Easy Process for Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Mindsets around Money
  • 40 Daily Positive Wealth Mindset Affirmations 



Ken LaDeroute is a Conscious Business Coach, spiritual teacher, founder of Clarity Mind Institute and author of “Meditation for Beginners” and “7 Conscious Business Principles.”



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