Benefits of Guided Meditation Online

  • Ken LaDeroute in Meditation 1980improved focus and concentration
  • coherent brain wave activity
  • lower cortisol (stress) levels in your blood
  • lower blood pressure
  • fewer disagreements or upsets
  • better immune function
  • fewer emotional outbursts
  • increased mindfulness and presence
  • less anxious mental activity
  • greater productivity
  • present moment awareness
  • a great night’s sleep
  • wisdom and inner peace

Be guided in a LIVE mindfulness meditation with the voice and presence of a 35 year meditator.

  • Get your toughest questions answered by a meditation expert
  • Feel supported and guided with a real live teacher
  • Build a weekly practice

Ken LaDeroute, author of, “Meditation for Beginners” and “7 Conscious Business Principles,” was initiated by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda in 1989.

In this one hour meditation, Ken will offer a short teaching and then a guided meditation followed by silent practice.

Every Tuesday 7:30 PM EST One Hour Session: $10.00

Call (404)-669-6463 (404) NOW-MIND or email for inquires.

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