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There’s a Lot Going On Under the Hood – Are You Ready to Dig Deeper?


99% of what goes on in your mind is unconscious and provides most of your programming and behavior. We identify with the 1% that makes up the conscious mind.

Getting to the essence of your truth and why you show up in this world is intrinsic to your joy and happiness.

Maybe you’ve become the slave to your mind rather than the master and your life is on auto-pilot. When you master your inner game – you get a better outer game.

I work from an intuitive, conscious approach and from this basis — all problems stem from lack of awareness.

I specialize in bringing clarity to your thought-making machinery. I am heart-based but very assertive in my approach.

Clarity of Mind

I’m a coach-mentor for one simple reason. I’ve taken the time to clearly identify my life’s path.

I have cleared my subconscious mind, representations, belief systems and tendencies through a practice of deep prolonged meditation.

I have creatively designed and re-designed my lifestyle several times, and I want to be the guide that helps you create and live a conscious and meaningful lifestyle.

I help you discover and maintain your internal wisdom – the inner truth and deeper knowledge of what you know to be true – the intelligence of the heart.

I help you find that groove or optimal flow state to keep you on track and in-tune for lasting results.

It’s All About Awareness

Since the first step is always awareness – we work to get clear on what a successful lifestyle means for you. Together we look deeper into how you create your realities.

We craft a crystal-clear picture of the career and lifestyle you dream of, aligned with your power, heart and mind. I have developed a simple step-by-step system for:

  • Clarity of Intention
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Clarity of Mind

Clarity Mind Systems

  1. We look at what’s most important to you and whether or not those values need to be re-evaluated and re-ordered.
  2. We identify what a conscious lifestyle looks like for you and work backwards to monetize your passion, gifts or talents to support your desired lifestyle.
  3. We look closer at the cognitive and subconscious mind levels and whether limiting beliefs, resistance or old hardened thinking patterns are preventing you from moving ahead.
  4. We seek new perspectives and make powerful choices that will quickly move you beyond excuses and into the conscious lifestyle you see for yourself.
  5. We explore how living simply and sometimes unconventionally can bring you the time you need to discover new creativity, passion and fun.
  6. We brainstorm together on how to monetize your passion and determine if you work needs to be location-independent.
  7. We build a clear, prioritized plan with dead lines and with an eye toward methodical active implementation.
  8. We get you working smarter, not harder while maintaining present-moment awareness, and living and working in an optimal ‘flow’ state for lasting results.

The Clarity Mind System comes with custom assignments and exercises tailored specifically for you that will help you create the conscious lifestyle you dream of.

The Process
We begin with a get-acquainted call either face-to-face or by a telephone CALL Clarity Mind Coaching 404-NOW-MIND (404-669-6463)  to assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of our relationship, identify priorities for action, and establish specific desired outcomes.

We can work either in-person or over the telephone and by e-mail. Sessions last for a defined length of time. Your privacy is a cornerstone of my services and your information is strictly confidential.

Between scheduled coaching sessions, you may be asked to complete specific actions that support the achievement of your goals and insights.

I may provide additional resources in the form of relevant articles, checklists, assessments, or models to support your thinking and actions.

What You Can Expect From Me

  • You can expect me to be on time and mentally prepared for our meeting.
  • You can expect me to be fully present and focused on you during our meeting. I will not multi-task.
  • You can expect me to be completely honest and direct.
  • You can expect me to be unconditionally constructive.
  • You can expect me to ask questions and make requests.
  • You can expect me to share resources, information, and other learning tools as appropriate.
  • You can expect me to give you the best advice I can.
  • You can expect me to keep all aspects of our relationship private and confidential.

What I Expect From You

  • I expect you to show up for our meeting on time and prepared.
  • I expect you to be honest and open about your goals, strengths, and needs.
  • I expect you to be succinct, and to be willing to talk about your situation without apologies, excuses, or rambling stories (this really burns up time).
  • I expect you to be fully responsible for your own feelings, decisions, and choices before, during, and after our meeting.
  • If you need to re-schedule our appointment, I expect a call or email at least 48 hours before our scheduled appointment as a sign of respect for my time and yours.

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