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Just like you, the universe was created in joy, so accessing joy is possible for everyone.

Put the mind aside for awhile and experience the ocean of consciousness that lives inside of you. This timeless truth is at the center of your being. It watches you from the inside out. All it wants to do is experience itself. When you enjoy what you are doing, not for the result, but for the act itself, you access the truth of your being. The burden of the self is forgotten and lifted up. Enjoy yourself – it’s something you can do right now, in this very moment.

icon-earth Lifestyle Design

Clarity Mind Lifestyle Design wants to re-awaken the reality of your essential self and help uncover the joy in you. Happy people doing what they love help fulfill nature’s evolutionary intention toward growth. Since there is little success where there is little laughter, coaching makes getting clear on your fulfilling life, light and fun. A coach is an advocate, a sounding board, an accountability partner, and a truth teller. Clarity Mind Lifestyle Design is a fun process, free of judgment and opinion. It is without ego, and compassionately questions, encourages, enthuses and celebrates who you are. It looks beyond the mind and emotions and easily sees old patterns and limiting beliefs. It reveals the insight of your purest intention. It seeks to remove fear, inaction, indecision, procrastination and needing to be right. Since we are spiritual beings with moments of physicality, all problems are spiritual. Choice is a function of awareness. Clarity Mind Lifestyle Design brings awareness into being.

icon-earth-open (1).png Questions to Ponder

What am I thinking, saying or doing that keeps me from experiencing joy?
What prevents me from seeing the truth of my being?
How can my behavior reflect back my inner joy to someone else today?

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