It’s been a long day and it’s time to lay down.

You’ve worked hard and you know you have more that needs to be done, but you tell yourself you need to sleep.

You lay down, tossing and turning, unable to detach yourself and let go.

Worse off, you’ve spent the entire day thinking about the night before, where you couldn’t sleep and you have trouble shutting your mind off.

It’s becoming a vicious cycle. 

Spending all day thinking about how you won’t be able to sleep that night manifests in just that — you not sleeping that night.

Day after day of not sleeping can take a toll on you.


Your well being, both physically and emotionally is drained over time.

This can lead to major issues, like:

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Problems with concentration
  • Problems with your relationships with others
  • Work hazards.

And it’s starting to feel like an unending cycle.

The worst part of sleep deprivation is not functioning at 100% the next day.

You know in your heart that it’s such a shame to waste even a single day, and you hate not having the energy to embrace every day to its fullest.

Days bleed together and the stress just seems to pile on, more and more, causing even more issues with sleeping.

What will make it stop?

Meditation: A Real Solution for Insomnia

Meditation is the time-honored way of clearing your mind, calming your nerves and re-balancing your psychology.

Meditation helps to sooth the mind and creates space for you to process your day-to-day subconscious feelings in a productive and helpful way.

When problems are scratching below the surface, they have a tendency to work their way into your life.

You are so worried about sleeping that it is causing anxiety, which is pushing sleep even further away from you.

It’s time to focus on the real issue — what is causing the anxiety in the first place!

Fixing how you handle your anxieties will improve your overall value of life, which will lead to those elusive Zs you thought you would never find again.

All of the grief, anger, fear, sadness… even when you push it down, it’s still there.

Hiding it doesn’t make it go away.

Tools For Deep Delicious Sleep

Meditation woman

Your mind doesn’t really understand the difference between real events and imagined events.

Meditation gives you a method by which to process these feelings in a constructive way.

This means you can put your mind in places where you may not be at the time and come out of the meditation feeling like the imagined events were a reality.

If you imagine that you are happy, you can convince yourself and come out of the meditation happier.

If you tell yourself you are at peace, you can emerge from the meditation more peaceful.

By meditating every day, you will feel more relaxed, more rested and overall less stressed out.

And when you make meditation a daily practice the effects are cumulative.

With Guided Meditation for Sleep, you will be lead through a guided meditation exercise, featuring binaural beat meditation.

What Are Binaural Beats?

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove was a Prussian physicist, who in 1839 discovered auditory methods that could help with relaxation, creativity and reaching certain mental states such as serenity and peace.

How it works is by using two tones, one on each side of your headphones, within a certain frequency of each other (generally between 10-30 Hz). The tones are mixed, causing this phenomenon created in your brain we call binaural beats.

By switching from Beta to Alpha then Theta, these binaural beats are able to be used to help you become more drowsy and eventually to reach a well rested, deep state of sleep.

For deep sleep you want to be able to get to the Alpha state instantly and through binaural beats this is possible!


Binaural beats are specially engineered sounds played back at slightly different frequencies and heard in different ears.

The purpose of binaural beats is to train your brain to quickly get into the zone and experience deeper Theta states.

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to channel and organize certain brainwaves via auditory stimulation to allow for deeper meditations, reduced anxiety, increased creativity and better sleep.

What’s great about binaural beats is that you don’t need to know how they work in order to get all the benefits.

Scientific Research

Sound like some new wave mumbo jumbo?

Actually, studies have shown that meditation can actually be used as a real solution for insomnia!

This, mixed with binaural beats healing and positive brain energy promoting traits, will lead you to having a proper nights rest and a more alert self the following day.

A study on binaural beats concluded:

“The results of this first study significantly distinguished brainwave activity during the stimulus periods from the baseline recordings both with increased central-delta EEG levels and decreased occipital-alpha EEG levels. Decreases in alpha amplitudes coupled with increasing delta activity indicate reduced cortical arousal (Berger et al. 1968). The mounting changes over the course of the stimuli suggest a deepening trend of progressive relaxation and falling asleep.”
Meditation, combined with the power of binaural beats, leads to a deeper and more fulfilling sleep, helping to rid you of your insomnia and replace it with a fresh night of sleep and a good start to a more energized day!

With something as simple as listening to a short recording and meditating along with it for around 40 minutes a day, you can unlock the best sleep of your life! Just one button and the rest takes care of itself.

With this natural but powerful guided meditation for sleep, you’ll be re-programming your mind and body with positive visualizations designed with deep delicious sleep in mind.

7 Easy Steps To A Great Night’s Sleep

Best Binaural Beats

  1. Just put on your headphones and dial up Guided Meditation For Sleep on your MP3 player or Iphone.
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Go ahead do it now.
  3. Relax and let your worries disappear. Drop any beliefs you have about yourself or your world.
  4. Let your exhalation be longer than your inhalation, release everything that isn’t serving you.
  5. Release anything in your psychology that is worrying you, making you fearful or causing you frustration.
  6. Expect that sleep is natural and that it comes easily and effortlessly.
  7. Be grateful and know that ALL IS WELL.

It’s As Simple as Pushing a Button


One simple click and you’re on your way to better sleep.

No more tossing and turning, no more staring at the ceiling, counting sheep or watching the minutes tick away on your clock.

You can throw away the sleeping pills, stop watching boring late night TV and turn off those “soothing ocean noises” that don’t do a thing.

Instead, you can turn on a guided meditation for sleep featuring binaural beats and an expert in the field of guided meditation who will take you through, step by step, the easy process of letting go.

You can wave goodbye as you see insomnia in your rearview mirror and you can see a bright horizon in the near distance.


Awaken Refreshed and Happy

Wake Up Refreshed

Imagine getting ready, putting on your pajamas.

Imagine where this scenario would usually take you.

Now instead, imagine falling right to sleep!

Imagine waking up refreshed, like you’d been asleep for a million years.

Imagine getting out of bed with a bounce in your step.

Imagine taking this positivity with you throughout your whole day.

Think of all of the great things you could accomplish with this level of positivity!

Being able to control and process your emotions through meditation improves your life in every way.

You aren’t just taking a pill to fall asleep, you are improving your overall outlook which makes it possible to sleep and so much more.

When you listen to Clarity Mind Guided Meditation audio on your computer or mp3 player, you can quickly enter and stay in a deep Theta level all in a matter of minutes and it’s as easy as pushing a button.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift that can change your life completely.

Try Guided Meditation for Sleep today and start the process of finding sleep, happiness and the future you were meant to have!

What Makes Clarity Mind Meditations Different?

turquoise pillow stack

  1. Our brain entrainment technology embedded into every track gives you deep, effortless, enjoyable meditation in minutes.

  2. The difference is in the voice. Listen to the soothing voice of a 30 year meditator and get expert practical guidance for better results in no time.

  3. Clarity Mind Meditations are designed for busy people with busy lives. Get guided deep focused meditations in 30 minutes.

  4. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of meditation without the need for expensive proprietary mantras or object phrases.

  5. Enjoy simple, effective guided meditations designed with better outcomes in mind that give you deep, effortless and enjoyable meditations.

  6. The quality and content of Clarity Mind Guided Meditations make it really easy to get into “The Zone.” You’ll feel calmer, more focused, less judgmental, and just plain happier.

  7. Clarity Mind audio plays on multiple file formats on your iPod, iPad or any other multimedia player.

So, by now you must be wondering how you can get started on changing your life for the better easily and with little effort!

Imagine what it would be like to have a meditation master guide you through a meditation specifically designed to help you FEEL and EMBODY your natural ability to sleep.

Do yourself a favor and order your digital copy of Guided Meditation for Sleep.

Clarity Mind 60 Day Guarantee

  • Clarity Mind Meditation audios are crystal clear and encoded in the mp3 format and sound gorgeous on your ipod or ipad.
  • Clarity Mind Meditation audios are designed to get your body relaxed, reduce mental chatter, restlessness and fatigue. 
  • With a simple push of the button, you’ll get to the Alpha level quickly, so that your body and mind can be re-programmed for the deepest sleep of your life.


If for any unlikely reason your Clarity Mind Meditation audios don’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 60 days of your date of purchase.

To order your copy of the Guided Meditation for Sleep just click on the link below.

GMFS Album

Order today and get instant access to:

  • The Guided Meditation for Sleep audio Mp3 Encoded with Binaural Beat Brain Entrainment Technology
  • 30 Daily Positive Sleep Affirmations 
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee




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