Have you ever gotten so close to the tipping point that you just wanted to yell out and scream. “I can’t take it anymore!”

In this digital age, with so much demand for your attention, overwhelm can strike at any moment.

Do you constantly talk on the phone, check and send texts, process emails or flip flop from web site to web site, get Twitter updates, chat on Skype, watch videos on You Tube, bid on Ebay and find yourself thinking, “I wonder if anyone responded to my Facebook post today?”

If you do, here’s a question..

Have you ever considered how this affects the way you think and process information?

The human brain wasn’t designed to handle the sheer quantity of new information we consume on a daily basis.

In his book “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains,” Nicholas Carr states that in the U.S:

  • a person looks at a web page for an average of 21 seconds
  • workers check their e-mail inboxes 30 to 40 times an hour
  • teens send and receive about 3,300 texts a month

Are You a Multi-tasker?

Have you ever thought that maybe you’re trying to do too many things at once and you end up scrambling your brain’s ability to concentrate and actually process information?

The cumulative effect of this fragmentation is that it weakens your attention span and hampers your ability to concentrate.

Not to mention how it affects your productivity!

Did you know…

The average worker gets one interruption every seven minutes. That’s 60 to 70 interruptions a day – up to 2.5 hours a day of distractions.

After a distraction, it takes an average of 25 minutes to work your way back to your original task.

When it comes to your relationships, even though we are more connected and hooked-up than ever before, because of our addiction to our phones, we actually alienate the people we’re around.

So you end up overburdened, overloaded, overwhelmed and close to a melt down.

As you attend to your media fix, you look up at the clock and notice, “Wow! 4 hours have passed in what seemed to be an instant!”

Multiply this by the number of days you surf the web, check your email and time on Facebook – and guess what?

These are your valuable life heartbeats and breaths you will never get back again.

Give Me A Break!

Suddenly, you find yourself at a low point mentally or emotionally and you realize that you’ve become an indentured servant to your electronic devices and you’re drowning in a sea of information.

You decide that you need a media fast and unplug for the weekend.

But now you’re feeling anxious because your brain has become so conditioned by a constant live-stream of information, you suddenly feel under-stimulated.

Consider the definition of mindfulness:

 “Bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis, non-judgmental, just as it is.”

If technology keeps coming up with new ways to vie for your attention, how can you slow down and learn to be mindful in a world that is constantly drawing your focus elsewhere?

Hit The Brakes: Use Meditation

I drove my car down Biltmore avenue and came to a red light. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and thought, “I’ll just give my eyes a one-minute rest.”

That’s what meditation is – giving your mind a rest.

The nature of the mind is more. It wants to be in control. And most often, it is.

But sometimes, you need to take your mind and tell it, “Nice job, but it’s time for a vacation!” Suddenly, YOU become the master and the mind becomes the servant.

When you begin a regular practice of focusing, quieting and calming the mind, the results are no less than earth-shattering!

Earth-Shattering Benefits Meditation Will Bring You:

  • improved focus and concentration
  • coherent brain wave activity
  • lower cortisol (stress) levels in your blood
  • lower blood pressure
  • fewer disagreements or upsets
  • better immune function
  • fewer emotional outbursts

And even more….

  • increased mindfulness and presence
  • less anxious mental activity
  • greater productivity
  • present moment awareness
  • a great night’s sleep
  • wisdom and inner peace
  • compassionate relationships

The Power of Meditation and Music

Taking time to be alone for deep meditation practice serves to expand and heighten your awareness.

This new-found awareness brings clarity to your decision-making, and ultimately where you place your attention. It also awakens you to your unproductive, directionless mouse-clicking and information-junkie mentality.

Like any exercise routine, it takes a disciplined approach to realize the benefits that meditation can bring.

Imagine if all you had to do is load up an MP3 on your ipod, iphone or ipad, slip on your headphones and allow emotionally-charged music along with a guided meditation to condition and train your mind for more concentration, focus and inner peace. 

Just with a push of a button!

Introducing: Meditation In Song

Get centered and balanced in 20 minutes with “Guided Meditation in Song.”

“Meditation In Song” is a precious offering created by Ken and Amy LaDeroute to facilitate deep meditation

With lyrics designed to help relax, release stress and focus the mind, “Meditation In Song” guides you to find the sacred silent space within.

“Meditation In Song” guides you to breathe, focus and then rest in a 15 minute silent meditation.

After the interlude, you awaken to the sound of a Zen bowl, and “Meditation In Song” resumes with affirmations for health, clarity and gratitude.

Amy’s transcendent voice lulls and relaxes you until you experience deep levels of conscious awareness and peace.

Start the day with “Meditation In Song” and it will keep you singing, and reminding you of your inner strength, focus and gratitude.

You can use Meditation In Song to:

  • center and quiet the mind
  • allow emotionally-charged music  to subliminally affect your subconscious mind to reprogram negative internal self-dialogue
  • unconsciously sing  “Meditation In Song” throughout your day for positive emotional imprinting

DOWNLOAD STOREListen and Download Meditation In Song

      Meditation In Song Sample



Ken’s Story

Ken in Meditation 1980

I have been practicing meditation for over 30 years. I started in 1979 when I discovered that meditation was a way to deal with anxiety.

Since then, the simple act of closing my eyes and emptying my mind has completely transformed my life!

Not only has it helped me reduce fear and negative thinking, it cleared away many of the limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem that prevented me from achieving the happiness and success I saw for myself.

Meditation awakened my creativity and inspiration. I became more focused and my thinking processes became more coherent.

I began to realize that I could do anything I set my mind to and that I could face any challenge.

Meditation was instrumental in helping me become successful in business, real estate, audio engineering, song writing, teaching, public speaking, coaching and my 30-year successful relationship with my wife.


As a meditation teacher and coach, my highest value is contribution, and I truly care if you get the kind of results you want to achieve. If you’re not 100% happy and in love with this audio, I will give you a 100% RISK-FREE money-back guarantee to protect your investment.


If for any unlikely reason you’re not 100% satisfied with this audio, just drop us an email. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 30 days of your date of purchase.

So, for lest than the price of lunch, you can give take a mental vacation from the madness of everyday life.

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