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Real stories from people working with mindfulness coach Ken LaDeroute…


~ Dr. Erika Czerwinski"Ken displayed an incredible amount of dedication and commitment toward keeping me on track with my goal.

Even during times when my motivation had dwindled, Ken's continued support and positive attitude kept me in the game.

His mindfulness coach strategies and techniques were clear, his dedication unwavering! I successfully reached my goal on time."

~ Dr. Erika Czerwinski
Clinical Psychologist, Asheville, NC

~Micheal Fuchs, CEO & President, Data Bridge Corporation, Asheville, North Carolina I own a technology company with 14 employees that has constant deadlines and stress that just comes along with the Job. I knew Ken could help! Over a couple month period Ken led us though mindfulness meditation.

Even from the first session, I was so impressed at the calm and quiet I experienced. What a great way to start the day, as well as learning some valuable mindfulness techniques that could be practiced at our desks during the day. I would highly recommend Ken LaDeroute!

~Micheal Fuchs, CEO & President, Data Bridge Corporation, Asheville, North Carolina
Data Bridge Corporation

~ Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg, DC, NMD, DABCI, Asheville, North Carolina"Ken LaDeroute as a lifestyle design coach was an exciting, enlightening and phenomenal experience. Ken guided me through a clear, imaginative and easy to follow process that gave me exactly what I wanted.

My personal and professional life have expanded tremendously since working with Ken. I will not hesitate in the future to work with Ken if I ever need clarity on vision and my true purpose in life. I am deeply grateful to have connected with him."

~ Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg, DC, NMD, DABCI, Asheville, North Carolina

~ Rick Fornoff, Presentation Coach, Asheville, NC"I began working with Ken as my coach with a couple of specific goals in mind, having to do with marketing and meditation.

But Ken's real value to me proved to be in getting me to consider a 15 degree shift in what I was doing. His skilled listening and questioning opened up new possibilities to me that I had not considered.

Ken is a gentle and kind soul and he has a way of bringing peace of mind to those who get to know him."

~ Rick Fornoff, Presentation Coach, Asheville, NC
Message Clarity

~Natalia Bogoyavlenskaya"Ken helped me to learn to appreciate and effectively address emotional components present both in my personal and business life.

He also helped me to master my mindfulness and get better business results by focusing and being in the present moment so that I could achieve more.

Ken supported me by staying strong through a difficult personal situation. I could feel that he truly cared, a rare gift to receive.

If anyone questions the value of Ken's coaching programs, please feel free to call or email me. I highly recommend him."

~Natalia Bogoyavlenskaya
Executive and Business Coach, Dusseldorf, Germany

~ Nawal Bendefa Van OppensBeing coached by Ken was a transformational, smooth and well-structured process.

I gained clarity and self-awareness. I was able to priorities without feeling pressured or stressed.

Ken was able to listen to the story and the side story and to support me to take into consideration all the aspects of my life.

His people agility strength is very strong and made me feel listened to and understood.

As a mindfulness teacher, Ken brought a lot of anchoring to the coaching session.

His coaching process is brilliantly structured and suits well the entrepreneurs, especially the life coaches, who want to brand themselves and flourish their businesses while enjoying the process.

I highly recommend Ken LaDeroute as a professional coach who walks the talk.

~ Nawal Bendefa Van Oppens
Personal Development Coach, Singapore

~ Pankaj Dixit, Banking Executive, Bangalore, India"Ken helped me to describe my coaching niche very clearly and also provided a lot of resources to design and structure my web presence around my niche."

Ken is very knowledgeable and resourceful especially about building a business online and marketing it.

He helped me to describe my coaching niche very clearly and also provided a lot of resources to design and structure my web presence around my niche. I admire Ken's commitment towards his client's success."

~ Pankaj Dixit, Banking Executive, Bangalore, India
Executive Coaching for Charity

~Tracy Driscoll, Certified Professional Coach, Beijing, China"Working with Ken has given me a very warm and supported feeling.

I feel encouraged and more confident going forward with both my coaching practice and my spiritual discovery.

Ken is very supportive, open and flexible and has a lot of resources and knowledge."

~Tracy Driscoll, Certified Professional Coach, Beijing, China
Aspire Coaching

 ~ Sanaz Kalantar, IT Professional, Sidney, Australia"Ken is a wonderful coach with a natural compassion, positive and genuine flare.

Ken also has a lot of strength when it comes to coaching with a spirituality flare. He has a lot of knowledge about meditation and spirituality and this helped me with my view on things from a spirituality perspective.

He made me feel so comfortable in the coaching session that I could talk about anything that was on my mind. Ken has amazing positivity on life and this brought so much strength to the coaching process.

I felt uplifted and happy at the end of each session and looked forward to the next session."

~ Sanaz Kalantar, IT Professional, Sidney, Australia

 ~ Clare Roberts, Certified Personal Coach, Gironde, France"Ken is skilled at talking about fears. He is very intuitive and not afraid of using his intuition.

His experience and own peace is very comforting.

Thank you Ken for sharing with me your soul. You are quite obviously a beautiful person. If the world was full of Kens it would be a better place. He is an inspiration!"

~ Clare Roberts, Certified Personal Coach, Gironde, France

 ~ Joanne M. Cahoon, D. Min, CPC, Baltimore, Maryland"Ken is a coach whose presence with a client brings to mind a very important concept for me — sanctuary. His presence is a gift to his clients.

His clear attention, calm demeanor, close following, reassuring words, insightful questions — these all wrap around the client’s reality in a way that provides safety and an opportunity to access what is at heart for them.

It is from places of sanctuary that some of the most powerful life-effects can be imagined and begun."

Ken’s voice tone and general coaching style combine to build this sacred space, and you can glimpse the integrity of his own journey in the gentle strength and calmness of his ability to respond.

His presence is a gift to his clients."

~ Joanne M. Cahoon, D. Min, CPC, Baltimore, Maryland
In-Spirited Coaching

~Jessie A. White"In my field as a public interest environmental lawyer, there is no shortage of deadlines, urgent issues or other stress-inducing situations.

And as someone who is especially susceptible to stress and anxiety, I've long felt meditation could be beneficial but also was intimidated and hesitant to learn the practice on my own.

Recently, I was fortunate to attend a 7-week Mindfulness and Meditation series that Ken put on at the public library.

Ken was so charismatic and used such simple, straightforward techniques that made the introduction to meditation approachable and seamless.

With great thanks to his clear guidance, I feel I now have a foundation and some of the basic tools to continue to learn and improve upon the practice. I highly recommend Ken as a coach for practitioners at any level!"

~Jessie A. White
S.C. Environmental Law Project

~Kathy Coulom, Pawleys Island, South CarolinaHaving a type “A” personality, Ken has taught me to live in the present.

I have used his technique of repeating the word, peace, if I can’t sleep at night because my brain is thinking of a million things.

When I feel overwhelmed I do deep breathing and sit quiet to calm my body down.

I also bought one of Ken’s CD’s and listen to the beautiful music which is very calming.

I have gone to Ken’s sessions in an unsettled mood and when the session was over I was serene.

~Kathy Coulom, Pawleys Island, South Carolina

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