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My True Self Lyric

Music and Lyrics By Ken LaDéroute

Alone with my deeper side
I wait in the silence
At rest with a quiet mind
Aware of this moment

I let go of all the fear
I’m one with my Being
On purpose and ever clear
I’m open to seeing

My True Self
Sees the world with loving eyes
Free of judgment and conditions
Is awake and realized
Open to a higher vision

At peace in my heart tonight
And loving attention
I look to see deep inside
And find the perfection

My True Self
Is aware of all existence
Knows what’s right in everyway
Always open to forgives
Always-mindful everyday

My conscious awareness beckons
Inspires and enlivens me
It brings me to liberation
In touch with the Truth

My True Self
It’s beginning and it’s ending
It’s eternal and forever
It’s impermanent unchanging
And it’s timeless and ascending

It’s on purpose with intention
It’s awareness it’s perfection
It’s destruction it’s creation
It’s abundant and rejoicing

It’s around me and it’s through me
It’s all loving and inclusive
Its supply of love is endless
It’s the power of creation

It’s expanding It’s enfolding
It’s All-present and It’s knowing
It’s transcending and It’s flowing
It’s forever and forever

© Copyright 2007
Library of Congress
All Rights Reserved


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