If you’re a conscious entrepreneur struggling to find out WHO you are meant to serve so you can translate your unique passion to your marketing message then this is the newsletter for you.

I also offer valuable insights into the nature of consciousness so that you can reset your brain, reduce stress & cut through information overload, get clarity of mind & focus to make better decisions to improve your bottom line.

The Clarity Mind Newsletter is published monthly and sometimes bi-monthly. Inside, you will find valuable tools and resources.


Certified Professional Coach at International Coaching Academy, thesis: Consciousness in Coaching. Real Estate Investor, Owned and operated 2 TCBY franchises for 20 years. Internet marketer, built over 20 websites, audio engineer, author, speaker, composer, meditation teacher and musician.

Ken helped me to describe my coaching niche very clearly and also provided a lot of resources to design and structure my web presence around my niche. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful especially about building a business online and marketing it. ~ Pankaj Dixit, Banking Executive, Bangalore

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