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The highest success is letting go.

It’s about being awake enough to allow yourself to be in a place of surrender. From a spiritual standpoint, we are already successful.

Reality doesn’t need to succeed at being itself. It doesn’t need to know the right way because it’s going there anyway.

Just being in the inner radiance of spirit is all you need to do. When you understand this deep realization, the mind gets very quiet.

It is still useful, but it no longer has its full-time job of trying to succeed. Getting the mind out of the way makes way for the truth of who you really are at the heart of you.

Clarity Mind Coaching

Clarity Mind Coaching  helps you get aligned with the universal intelligence of the heart.

It helps you discover and get clear about what you want and what you’re passionate about. It helps you evaluate, objectify and quantify what a successful life looks like. And it supports you in taking courageous new steps toward change.

It challenges you to discover how you un-enlighten your mind and body. This brings to mind the resources you require and it awakens your essential qualities to get you where you want to go. Balancing spiritual and material life is the key to success.

The more you can surrender to the truth of your authentic self, the more successful you’ll be. You find yourself having, being and doing whatever is right for you in the moment.

Life begins to flow through you easily and effortlessly just by being in complete alignment with the truth of your being. You can’t help but be successful.

Questions to Ponder

  • Are old ways of thinking preventing you from achieving the success in the life you see for yourself?
  • What keeps you up until late at night and excites you first thing every morning?
  • If time and money where not issues, if you had the support of the people around you, if you know you could not fail, would you be doing anything differently?