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Vision Board

I Deserve To Live an Epic Life

I achieve this goal that is depicted in this visionboard by 5:00 PM, June 19, 2018.  I make $40,000.00 per month with a 10% annual growth rate. This goal is achieved effortlessly and easily without resistance. I am open and receiving by using the art of allowing. One feel good thought leads to another feel good thought. 



I see myself sitting in a chair at the end of this hallway. After a count of 3 full breaths, I open the doors and quantum jump into a new reality where I visit my twin Ken. After the visit that is depicted in this visionboard, I merge with my twin Ken and take on his rhythm, feel, resonance and vibration.

Our suitcases are packed and ready to go. 

airplane-flyingI see us flying to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and various city’s in the US and Canada, South America and Asia speaking and performing Mindfulness Training. We speak and perform 20 times per year. 


We arrive at luxury resort hotel greeted by valets and bell hops. 


valetWe arrive at luxury resort hotel greeted by valets and bell hops. 


We are welcomed and treated like the high quality people we are.


Many of the hotels provide luxury vistas, rooms and amenities. 


We get ready to speak and perform in various ball rooms. 

We play to packed houses where ever we’re booked. People love us, give us great reviews and book us again and again. 


We perform our music and people buy product and signup for our programs and coaching services. 

We help people suffer less in their minds with mindfulness training

I see myself walking up to these steps and ringing the doorbell where I meet my twin Ken LaDeroute who lives there. He is young, tanned, healthy, fit and in shape wearing a white long-sleeve, slim-fitting shirt and jeans with black shiny shoes.

Parked in the driveway is a 2013 Nissan 370z and a white 2013 MDX 6  SUV


 Also in the driveway is a Lexus MD6 SUV


We walk into the main foyer. Ken asks me if I’d like a tour. 

Living ROom

We head over to a sitting area complete with a view of the ocean. 


 We look at Ken’s office. He has a Mac computer set up with PayPal up on the screen showing monthly income for $40,000.00.


I look over at Ken’s computer screen and see his Pay Pal accounts that show receipts for $120,000.00 in the last 3 months! That’s $40,000.00 per month!

Papal Computer Screen

paypal balance

We walk over to Ken’s vault and look at stacked gold bullion, $500,000.00 in cash and stock certificates worth 8 million dollars sitting on the shelf. 


Background Money

I notice  stacks of cash and gold in Ken’s vault.


   We walk down the hallway into the next room and here’s where I really perk up. It’s a state of the art recording studio with vocal booth, outboard equipment and acoustically engineered room. 


There is an isololation booth with amps and Neuman Mics and guitars hanging on the wall. 


Hanging on the wall is one of Ken’s guitars: a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster


We then walk down to the other end of the hall toward the kitchen and walk ino a bright airy, modern kitchen with an ocean view. Ken asks if I’d like a mango blueberry protein shake. 


Then we walk over to a bright ocean view bedroom and sitting room.


We walk by a tiled bathroom with two sinks and a tiled shower.


We stop and linger in the ocean view sitting room where I can feel the ocean breezes and I can hear sea gulls.  The smell of salt air fills my lungs. 


We look to our left and see two girls swimming in the pool below.


Further to the left is a lap exercise pool.



 From the sitting room, we walk down the stairs to the right, take off our shoes and stroll down the beach. 


The clear turquoise water is inviting and lovely. 

Beach 2

We walk back to the house and up the stairs and back out front where we get into Ken’s Nissan 370z and head across the road to the tennis courts to hit a few balls.

tennis club

At night I play guitar in our band “The Itch” funk and  fusion in a local night club.


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