What’s the value of one idea? The internet was born from one idea. Coke knows. So does Google.

If you could finally figure out your niche and get clear on your ideal client, what would that one idea be worth to you?

We’re conditioned to believe that free isn’t as valuable. So I’m asking you to donate a mere $1.00 in exchange for a value-packed 60 minute business training webinar. All proceeds will be donated to the United Way.

Sign Up for the “Find Your Niche & Ideal Client” Webinar
Date to be announce soon!

For the mere price of a single music download or less than a cup of coffee, I’m going to help you help you finally define your niche and get crystal clear on WHO you are meant to serve.

And if you already have a niche that you’re excited about you will learn to communicate even more powerfully with your clients in a language that they understand.

You will get clear on your ideal clients, obstacles and challenges they face and what you do for them and what benefits they receive.

I promise you. If you can get clear on this it will make everything you do in your business so much easier. Your marketing just works when you get this right.

See you soon!




Ken LaDeroute helps creative conscious entrepreneurs like authors, speakers, coaches or conscious leaders who see themselves as change agents for our rapidly awakening human consciousness and need business and marketing guidance so they can get their message out, attract clients, build followers and make a positive impact on the world and profit doing what they love.


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