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Like all coaching conversations, I will treat anything you tell me in strictest confidence.

The waiting time for new appointments is currently 2 weeks. If you need help urgently, I’ll do my best to fit you in ASAP.


Here’s a gentle binaural beat meditation mp3 designed to take you from a Beta state, through Alpha and into a deep Theta meditation state in 20 minutes flat!

I call it the: “All Is Well Binaural Beat Brain Entrainment Mindful Meditation.”

Along with an embedded binaural beat, I’ve composed an original music score that includes ocean, rain and bird sounds, all designed to calm and relax you like nothing else can. And it will quickly ramp you down into a deep Theta meditation state in no time.

Like a mother comforting her child saying, “All Is Well.”

Try using it before bed, on the plane or after a stressful day. You should begin noticing the effects of binaural beats after just a few uses.

If you’d like to get your hands on this FREE “All Is Well” Binaural Beat Mindfulness Meditation Audio MP3 Download… just fill in the form and you’ll be able to download it instantly!

All Is Well Binaural Beat Mindful Meditation

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