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Work With Ken LaDeroute Ken LaDeroute helps you as a conscious entrepreneur, life coach, author, speaker or spiritual teacher struggling to find out WHO you are meant to serve, find your ideal client and niche so you can translate your unique passion to your marketing message and get more clients, build followers and profit while making a positive impact on the world. Learn more


Products1 Meditation is like medicine. It affects your brain and every cell in your body. It washes you clean of unconscious programming and mind blocks. It is long-lasting and spills over into every aspect of your life. Get a guided meditation audio for financial abundance, improve your memory, change your negative internal dialogue with positive affirmation music or calm your mind chatter with meditation products. Learn more

Free Gift

Free Gift1 Feel better in 20 minutes with this free binaural meditation with original music score, ocean surf and rain sounds, designed to un-stress you in no time. Learn about brain entrainment technology that will take you from a Beta state, through Alpha and down to a deep Theta meditation state, that will increase your ability to focus and is ideal for learning and personal development. All with a simple push of a button. Learn more