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With Ken LaDeroute: Conscious Business Coach

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,

Do you ever feel the pressure to get your business off the ground but feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere?

You know the clock is ticking but all you can do is jump from email to email, website to website, trying to figure out the latest and greatest marketing strategy.

One of the reasons you got into business was because you have a strong desire to contribute in a way that is inspired, meaningful and fulfilling. You wanted to make a difference.

Woman Clock Computer

And you wanted to make a great living and be compensated for your expertise or services.

But you find most of your days are spent in front of a computer screen trying to figure out how to make this internet thing work.

At the end of your day, you wonder where the time went.

You end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.

To make matters worse, you’re not even sure what brings you joy anymore.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and your bills are piling up. You’re really feeling the financial pressure to get something going.

And you ask yourself, “Does building my business have to be such a STRUGGLE?”

And yet you know deep in your heart of hearts…


Yoga Heart Girl

You believe that everything in your life emanates from the source of your own being.

That you create everything in your life – including the good, the bad and the ugly!

That you and you alone possess the inherent power for creating a life where:

  • You can make a difference and do what you love while making a profit
  • There is no division between your life and your livelihood
  • You can follow conscious principles and earn a great living too.

You trust in the Universe.

You are extremely aware and feel like you’ve grown spiritually but you simply can’t figure out how to make this business thing work for you.

Maybe you thought that because you’re a spiritual person, heart-based and motivated by all the right reasons, that clients, book deals, speaking engagements should just flow right to you?

Well I’m here to tell you it can…


For months, I drove myself crazy. I just couldn’t figure out my niche. I didn’t know who my ideal client was, where they hung out or how to create a compelling offer or promise.

I got into the coaching business because I wanted to help others succeed.

Because meditation helped me focus and get clear, I thought I should be a spiritual coach. I created marketing materials but it didn’t produce the results I wanted.


Then I thought I should be a lifestyle coach. So I re-branded myself as a Lifestyle Design Coach. I created new marketing messaging, but still no results. Nothing was working. I was getting angry and frustrated.

Every time I changed my niche, I had to completely re-position myself.

With each change I created new graphics, headers, business cards, keyword research, landing pages, optins and messaging. I also had to change all of my social media profiles, blog topics, newsletters and tag lines.

I created marketing that either didn’t work or that didn’t speak to my clients in a language they understood.

This took time and a lot of energy. And with every change, I got more frustrated!

I was spinning my wheels. To make matters worse, I began second-guessing and doubting myself.

After a lot of self-reflection, trial and error and learning, I finally figured out what marketing is all about: 


Consciousness means: to be aware of what’s going on within yourself.

Conscious Marketing is…

  • Knowing and exposing your true nature with vulnerability, rawness and authenticity, blemishes, warts and all
  • Identifying the results or outcomes you bring to your clients
  • Consistently communicating your value to clients in a language they understand.

Once you’ve figured this out, there’s really nothing left to do except…

Do great work and add value everyday.

Everything else will take care of itself.


I believe everyone has a unique and distinctive path in the world. It’s your job to uncover it.

If you’ve gotten clear about who you are and what you do, this alone will make you distinctive and you’ll stand out.

If you can get your ego out of the way, the less resistance you’ll have in your marketing.

Consciously deciding to let it all hang out is what will make you stand out in the marketplace.

As Seth Godin puts it, you’ll “Purple Cow” your business. And your ideal client will FEEL your authenticity.

And when you communicate your value through an engaging story, your clients will beat a path to your door.

And they’ll tell others.


The other valuable lesson I learned is that you must find your coaching niche and discover your ideal client.

At first I thought I should target everyone. I thought that if I targeted everyone, I’d have a better chance for success. If I threw a bunch of mud on the wall some of it might stick.

Boy, was I wrong.

What I really had to do was get narrow and specific.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re looking for a date. So you open an account on and begin filling in the online dating profile.

beach walkYou write…”I love music and moonlit walks on the beach.”

Wait a minute…

Who doesn’t like music and the beach?

You’re much better off talking about things that are uniquely YOU. Get brutally honest.

Drop your ego and let it all hang out… what you value, what you hate, what makes you tick, your warts and tattoos.

You want to write something that alienates 99% of the people that view your profile.

You must write something that is so precise and so specific that only the RIGHT person is attracted to you.

Some people will love you and others will hate you. And they’ll move on. But that’s exactly what you want.

You must narrow the field in order to find the RIGHT person.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to sift through hundreds of potential suitors.

It’s the same for your business. When identifying your ideal client you must get extremely narrow and specific. 


Once I applied these simple mind shifts in my business, something happened…

My marketing became easy.


All I had to do was tell my story. In an engaging way of course.

Suddenly, people started noticing me. They could better see the value that I brought to them.

And they started seeking me out.

Sure, I still had to market, but everything flowed better.

I got faster at it too because I was in my raw, spiritual badass truth.

My business exploded!

Suddenly my marketing screamed exactly who I was. It became naturally distinctive, sometimes edgy but always vulnerable and raw – without the BS.

Sure, I had to reveal my underbelly. I had to have the courage to reveal my failings. It meant I had to be ruthlessly honest with myself and the world.

When you communicate your vulnerability to the world, something new happens. People start seeing you, as they see themselves – as a human.

You no longer mask yourself behind the gloss of that PERFECT online profile, or that touched up photo, or all your accomplishments and accolades.

They begin to SEE you and LIKE you… and TRUST you.

This year I doubled my revenues and I continue to grow my business.

My marketing has evolved and my words now reach over 11,000 people in my community!

And it just keeps getting better and better.



If you feel stuck, frustrated and alone and you’re tired of trying to build a business by yourself….

Maybe it’s time for a little hand holding.

You’ve probably been thinking about doing this for a long time and now you’re ready.

You’re here because of a private invitation to get custom, personalized, one-on-one coaching at a huge discount.

If you’re a life coach, author, spiritual teacher or holistic practitioner trying to attract more clients, get heard above the noise and  build your list so you can make a profit while making a difference in the world, you’re in the right place.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re SICK of unsteady cash flow and stressing over money
  • You’re online marketing results have been disappointing and you don’t know how to turn things around
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to offering your services, programs or products
  • You’re overwhelmed and confused by online marketing
  • You’re nervous about seeming too pushy or sales-y
  • Technology and marketing frustrates and bamboozles you

Here Are The Results & Outcomes I want You to Celebrate After Completing Conscious Marketing Makeovers.


  • Discover your unique niche that will magnetically attract your ideal clients to you
  • Get clear and target the ideal clients you are meant to serve
  • Find out where your ideal clients hang out
  • Attract more of the clients you love working with
  • Identify what makes you distinctive and authentic
  • Craft your branding message that is uniquely and authentically YOU
  • Write marketing copy that connects with your target market


  • Develop content that pulls clients to you
  • Help you target an irresistible optin give away
  • Create irresistible social media profiles
  • Create compelling titles and messaging
  • Help you come up with the right keywords for your business
  • Help you with Word Press
  • Help to identify problems with your web site


  • You’ll feel a surge of excitement because all the pieces are falling into place
  • You’ll feel confident about offering a program or product because it is in powerful alignment with who you really are, what matters to you most, and who you’re meant to serve.
  • You’ll have the words to powerfully express your value so people say YES
  • Your sales page is done – and it’s compelling, magnetic and authentically YOU
  • You’ll know exactly what to say in your videos and your networking events
  • All your social media outposts will be consistent across all platforms – reinforcing your brand and message online

Strategy System Structure

I have the STRATEGY,  SYSTEM and the STRUCTURE to get you REAL world physical results for your conscious business.

As a 30 year meditator, I am grounded in the field of pure awareness. I see clearly. I have the unique ability to bring practical spiritual principles to marketing and business.

In addition, you can put your faith in someone who has been successful both as a brick and mortar business operator AND as an online entrepreneur.

I want to help you bring practical business principles to your conscious business so that you can speed up and quicken world consciousness.

If you’re OVERWHELMED and tired of working alone, trying to figure out everything by yourself, maybe it’s time to work the faster, smarter way.


I want to work one-on-one to help you:

Clarify Your Vision

Get the clarity of purpose, passion and authenticity you need to propel your business forward, attract clients with effortless ease. We’ll figure out “WHY” you do what you do.

Develop Your Personal Brand

I’ll help you discover your niche and tribe. We’ll find out what makes you distinctive and then position you in the marketplace so you can play in your “genius zone.”

Create Pull Marketing and Messaging

Eliminate what you’re not, find your authentic voice and communicate your message so that clients see and hear you in a way that speaks directly to them.

Evaluate Your Website

Ensure that when a potential client hits your home page they immediately realize, “I’m home; this is exactly what I need.” I’ve personally designed over 20 websites. I work with you to make sure your optins, email campaigns, drip content, landing pages, web copy, design and messaging work to pull clients right to you.

Develop Your Social Media Strategy and Profiles

We’ll create that perfect pull marketing message and create consistent profiles across social media platforms.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy and Schedule

If you’re a blogger or content marketer, we’ll plan a content marketing strategy designed to position you in the marketplace as the expert. We’ll look a re-purposing your existing content for search engine ranking and optimal reach.

Create Profitable Info Products

We’ll work together to find the right info product by surveying your list, crafting the product, building drip content right through the sales funnel.

Build and Engage Your List

We’ll work together and work to create valuable JVs, Joint Venture Partners so that you can leverage other people’s list to build yours. And work to create email sequences to engage your devoted followers so they stay interested.

Keep You On Track and Accountable

Why continue to try and figure out all this stuff by yourself?

I’ll be your partner and coach you need to keep you on track and moving forward so you can make a difference in the world, while making a good profit and doing what you LOVE.

I’ve brought strategies, systems and structure to hundreds of other entrepreneurs just like YOU.

Meet Ken LaDeroute

Ken started out as sheltered kid from Northern Ontario with very thick glasses.

After teaching himself to play the guitar, he began his entrepreneurial journey at 17, when he left for the road touring the US and Canada for 14 years with nothing but a guitar and a suitcase.

Scared and alone, he quieted his fearful mind by learning to meditate.

He settled in the US and bought frozen yogurt franchises, apartment buildings and taught music industry studies at a university.

After 20 years, he sold his franchises and became a Certified Professional Coach and Mentor.

Since then, he’s worked with hundreds of creative conscious entrepreneurs, heart-based business owners, authors, seeking to monetize their passions, find their true purpose and get their message out to the world.


AuthorsSeminar LeadersSpeakersPsychologists
CoachesHealersHolistic PractionersTherapists
Small Business OwnersChiropractorsPhysiciansMusicians
ActorsMotivational SpeakersCreativesTeachers


Here are a few direct quotes from his friends and clients.

“Ken has an inner wisdom and peace that is contagious.”

“He has a near perfect balance of vision and practicality.”

“Ken has a calming presence and ability to speak and lead the listener’s mind clearly and logically.”

“Ken lives his life with passion and integrity and has a strong work ethic with an incredible ability to self learn. He is organized and driven to accomplish whatever he puts his mind to.

“Ken has the ability to make people feel good about themselves as he is an astute listener, compassionate and empathetic with a good sense of humor. He has strong talent to be objective. He supports other people’s dreams and goals.”

“He is an influential teacher. He leads by example, positively reinforces when appropriate, and gets tough when necessary. He has an ability to explain things.”

dr nik hedberg4 Success Stories

“Ken LaDeroute as a coach was an exciting, enlightening and phenomenal experience. Ken guided me through a clear, imaginative and easy to follow process that gave me exactly what I wanted.

My personal and professional life have expanded tremendously since working with Ken.

I will not hesitate in the future to work with Ken if I ever need clarity on vision and my true purpose in life. I am deeply grateful to have connected with him.”

~ Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg, DC, NMD, DABCI, Asheville, North Carolina Dr.

“Ken displayed an incredible amount of dedication and commitment toward keeping me on track with my goal.

Even during times when my motivation had dwindled, Ken’s continued support and positive attitude kept me in the game.

His coaching strategies and techniques were clear, his dedication unwavering! I successfully reached my goal on time.”

~ Dr. Erika Czerwinski, Clinical Psychologist, Asheville, North Carolina

Pankaj Dixit2 Success Stories
“Ken is very knowledgeable and resourceful especially about building a business online and marketing it.

He helped me to describe my coaching niche very clearly and also provided a lot of resources to design and structure my web presence around my niche.

I admire Ken’s commitment towards his client’s success.”

~ Pankaj Dixit, Banking Executive, Bangalore, India Executive Coaching for Charity


red chair


I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a special, “Conscious Business” personal, 1-on-1 coaching session where we will work together to:

#1: Get clarity. Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal business/life.

#2: Get perspective. Uncover hidden limiting beliefs and mindsets that may be sabotaging your success.

#3: Get support! Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to get your business flying high.




Discovery Session





Call to book a FREE 30 minute session to learn how you can get your message out, get more clients, build your list and make a difference doing what you love.






I know life is risky… but everything you want is on the other side of FEAR.

The Universe will give you whatever you ask for. But first, you must take ACTION.

When you DECIDE to take ACTION and make a commitment to success that’s exactly WHEN the Universe gives you what you ask for.

I love this quote by Goethe, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

just do it


You just don’t know how valuable a free session with me can be for you and your business.

In just 30 minutes you’ll see what you’ve been missing. And how this slight shift of perception will translate into more income.

phone green

For about the first 10 – 20 minutes you’ll do most of the talking as I ask you very specific and pointed questions about your specific challenge.

As we go deeper, we’ll look closely to see if we need to:

1- Clarify Your Vision and Direction
2- Strategize Your Actions
3- Upgrade Your Skills
4- Optimize Your Environment
5- Master Your Psychology

I specialize in bringing clarity to your thought-making machinery.

I am heart-based but very assertive in my approach.

I’ll quickly get you focused, clear and STRUCTURED for Getting Real World Material Results for Your Conscious Business.

If just one of these items isn’t working… your business won’t fly. You need all five pistons firing in order for your business to get off the ground.

Get Your Business Flying High

At the end of every coaching session, I give you a custom-made, step-by-step, assignment designed to get you and your business flying high.

You’ll begin to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in your business that causes a you to climb to new levels of income.

Here are some questions to get started. Anything you share will be kept completely confidential.

1. What are you going for in your business/life? (vision or bigger picture, give yourself permission to think big!)

2. What 3 goals would you like to accomplish in the next 90 days?

3. What are the challenges that keep cropping up?

4. How do you think working with a coach will help to support you?

5. My business goals for the next 12 months:

6. My 3 biggest accomplishments in the past year:

7. My biggest obstacle to my success:

8. Other Notes about me:

9. What’s most Important?

10. How will I structure my time?

Answering these questions in detail will help me understand you and your business. Doing the exercise will serve to provide clarity for you moving forward. Once complete, just shoot me an email with your answers. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


I’m so confident about my coaching services, if after the first 30 days, if you don’t absolutely love the work that we’re doing, and if you don’t absolutely see this is exactly what you need to overcome your challenges, and receive the results you’re looking for, then not only do you not need to continue after the first month, but you can have a full refund of every penny that you paid.

Get Started Today - Button Green

If you are sincere about finding and monetizing your passion and purpose and you’re ready to accept responsibility for your own success, just call (404) NOW-MIND (404) 669-6463 or shoot me an email here and schedule a get-acquainted session.

To Your Business Success,


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